Cape Crossability

  • New tip design provides access to the tightest lesions. Tip Entry Profile of 0.41mm for all diameters.
  • A more tapered and shorter tip offers the perfect compromise between direct lesion entry and side branch access.
  • Tip Crossing Profile is now an industry-leading 0.54mm for all diameters.
  • Balloon Shoulder Profiles set a new standard in PTCA balloon technology.


  • The unique design, optimized materials, and a seamless construction from hub to tip provides perfect delivery control.
  • The ContourTM lubricious hydrophilic coating facilitates a smooth delivery.
  • The Cape Cross could be delivered furthest in a simulated arterial model.
  • The average force to deliver the Cape Cross was lower than all major competitors.

Complex Lesion Access

  • Smaller and more flexible welding technology results in superior navigation through complex lesions.
  • The force required to track the Cape Cross catheter into a simulated side branch with a 90o take-off angle was compared to market leaders.

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