DISA Medinotec is a medical devices company specialising in the manufacturing and development of innovative, groundbreaking technology.

Since inception in 1998, DISA Medinotec began developing stents for the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease for the international market, in the process, realising its vision of Bringing Quality to Life.

Through in-depth research and development and the commitment to providing world class patient care, DISA Medinotec has produced high quality innovative medical devices for 20 years.

Our products are sold via a network of world-wide distributors and through DISA Life Sciences our direct sales force in South Africa.


EC Certification

Cape Cross PTCA Balloon Catheter Certificate Apr 211024_1

Cape Cross PTCA
Balloon Catheter Certificate

Cape Cross NC Balloon Catheter Certificate Apr211024_1

Cape Cross NC PTCA
Balloon Catheter Certificate

Escape Aspiration Catheter Certificate Apr 211024_1

Escape Aspiration
Catheter Certificate

Lamprey Suction Dissector Certificate Apr 211024_1

Lamprey Suction
Dissector Certificate

Trachealator Non-occlusive Airway Dilation balloon Apr 211024_1


EC Certificate Apr 211024_1


ISO 13485_2016 Certificate Apr 211024_1